Stranger Things: The Other Side – Jody Houser, Stefano Martino, Keith Champagne, Lauren Affe & Nate Piekos (Dark Horse)


Whilst we patiently wait for the next chapter of Netflix mega hit Stranger Things, along comes a timely reminder of just how good this series is in comic book form. The trailer for Season Three is out now and by the looks of things, puberty has hit hard, but the beauty of comic books is that you never get old and Stranger Things: The Other Side sees the gang exactly how you remember them. In fact it’s based on unseen events in Season One, but this time we’re following Will, as he makes his way through the upside down.

With a terrifying Demogorgon at every turn and places that look familiar, but also very different, Byers must use all the lessons that his teenage comrades back home would use as well as everything Dungeons & Dragons has taught him, to negotiate the perplexing land he has found himself in. But even that not may be enough, for as Will tries frantically to make his way home and with the line between reality and his current situation becoming increasingly blurred, he may find it useful to have a psychic friend to reach out to. But is it ever really over?

The franchise is in good hands with Jody Houser, who excels when it comes to telling the stories featuring multiple characters and whose work on both Star Wars and Orphan Black is second to none. The job of bringing to life the dark lonely world of the upside down is brilliantly executed by  artist Stefano Martino who’s wonderful  illustrations gave the story an air of desperation that complements the boys predicament.  It’s with no exaggeration that I say you should consider this book to be an essential part of your Stranger Things experience as it is absolutely incredible… Chris Andrews

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