Stitched Up – 2018 Demo (Self Released)

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Four track demo by this new South Wales four piece featuring ex-Smiler vocalist Mike Davies, and like Davies the demo is short, angry and hard hitting. First track ‘Against You’ is a slice of metallic NYHC…imagine a punch up between Sheer Terror and Madball and you’re in the right territory. ‘Decimation for Greed’ warns against environmental devastation in the name of profits, and is a much more experimental VOD/Orange 9mm affair. Its back to NYHC style ala Agnostic Front on the pacey ‘Hate’ before the band wrap things up with their longest track ‘Negative’, a more complex song than its simple title belies; with a mix of riffs, noodly guitar licks and picked guitar parts, that jumps about like a kangaroo with ADHD. A tidy slice of eclectic Hardcore/Metal influences that bodes well for the future. Ian Pickens

Get Stitched Up here

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