Star Wars: Resistance Reborn – Rebecca Roanhorse (Century)


If the anticipation for the latest chapter in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is proving unbearable then the short-term fix may just be the new novel by Rebecca Roanhorse, Star Wars: Resistance Reborn.  The first thing I look for in a Star Wars novel is familiarity-does it “feel” like a Star Wars story? Roanhorse has obviously spent a lot of her life in the Star Wars universe, and blames her love of the franchise on her older brother, and this really shows. There’s no awkward or uncomfortable explanations or overly long introductions as Resistance Reborn, immediately hurls the reader straight into familiar territory with a story featuring much beloved characters. This is a nove for fans written by a fan and it\’s a book that feels as comfortable as a much loved, old warm and worn blanket.

Following on from the finale of The Last Jedi, we find the Resistance in tatters and desperately looking for allies in the ongoing struggle against The First Order. General Leia, has dispatched her most trusted aides, including Poe Dameron, to the far reaches of the galaxy to find anybody willing to join the cause. But treachery runs deep, as planets that the Resistance has previously given aid too, are now reluctant to return that favour. What the Resistance needs is leaders and they are proving very hard to find. Characters from all eras of Star Wars lore make appearances as the Resistance reach out to, among others, former X-Wing pilot Wedge Antilles and the wise old Maz Kanata for help.

The true glory of this book though, lies in Roanhorse’s words. They open this book up, with her vivid descriptions of locations and characters taking us as far into the Star Wars Universe as any movie could and if you’re a fan of the franchise that will be music to your ears. As the big day edges ever closer and with the winter months closing in, Star Wars: Resistance Reborn is the perfect companion to, and will stand you in good stead to embrace, The Rise Of SkywalkerChris Andrews

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