Only Attitude Counts – Almost the End (WTF Records)

The phrase “old school” has become an over-used, worn out cliché that’s been thrown at so many bands that it’s lost almost all of its power, meaning and relevance. Even though it’s been watered down and withered through over-use, it has managed to hold on to a modicum of its dignity and in doing so has become a badge of honour that’s bestowed on only the most deserving of bands. Bands who have earned their stripes the hard way, who have come up through the scene, been to, and played, more shows then they care to remember and who have paid their dues time and time again. Bands like Only Attitude Counts, who remember, celebrate and eulogise the way things used to be, while constantly looking to the future because they know that tomorrow is far more important than yesterday ever was.

Hitting like a nitrous charged bulldozer, Only Attitude Counts proudly wear their NYHC influences on their heavily tattooed sleeves and plough through the sixteen ridiculously catchy tracks on Almost the End in less time than it takes an emo kid to shed his first tear at a Fallout Boy show. Bruising, belligerent, punching way above their weight class and with a sound that immediately makes you imagine Agnostic Front facing off against Sick Of It All in a Lower East Side street fight, Only Attitude Counts are ready to stand at the forefront of the scene as it faces a constantly evolving modern world head on. Old school baby, old school… Tim Cundle

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