Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Will Sliney & Ethan Sacks (Marvel)


Galaxy’s Edge is the sort of thing that Disney would come up with isn’t it? A theme park based on Star Wars, designed purely to coax cash from the pockets of forty/fifty some things for whom the wonderful world(s) that George Lucas created in 1977 have retained an enduring fascination for down the years. Yes, that’s me and probably you. Setting a Star Wars tale in such a place is, of course, naturally going to follow and so, as an advert for the new “Star Wars World” if I have my cynical hat on, we find yet another hive of scum and villainy harbouring fugitives, bounty hunters and all manner of miscreants at, well the edge of the galaxy. Black Spire Outpost on Batuu is that hive of scum and villainy, amongst who resides Dok-Ondar, an infamous Ithorian “antiques dealer” who has a rather “open minded” moral code when it comes to acquiring sought after items. It just so happens that a very, very sought after item has appeared on the hooky Hammerhead’s radar and he has roped in an assortment of the galaxies rogues and rascals to procure things that are generally unprocurable to mere mortals.

Enter Kendoh and her team of rapscallion Bounty hunters. Enter, in a tale from years earlier, our favourite space pirate Han Solo and Chewie in their legendary “bucket of bolts” ship. Throw in Greedo, the wannabe henchman of a certain vile gangster from Taooine for extra frolics. Even the wonderful Doctor Aphra puts in an appearance. There’s a fabled statue, mythical maybe cursed sword, baby sarlaccs (yes, honestly) and oh yeah, the First Order turn up too in what becomes a pretty convoluted and very busy plot that is delivered as something of an anthology of tales with an over arching wraparound heist story. Breathless stuff. It’s the sort of format that is just made for the Star Wars universe. If you ever wished that the films spent more time getting to know the denizens of Wuher’s Cantia, Jabba’s Palace or Maz Kanata’s castle then, like me, you’ll no doubt enjoy this, admittedly rather cynical, comic tale of action and adventure. The artwork is full of life and cluttered vigour, complimenting the many protagonist’s antics perfectly as the multitude of stories all crack along at a wild pace.

New characters that, I believe, have been created especially for the Galaxy’s Edge theme Park, drive the story along – in particular the dodgy Dok-Andor who is at the centre of the tales from all the different time frames in which they are set. A mix of the well established and recognisable, the extended universe and the brand new all crash and bash in to each other and well, it’s a rather heady concoction and cacophony from start to finish. It is, as some of the best Star Wars tales are, great fun without taxing the old grey matter too much. Each separate tale adds to the wider story and it all comes to a head at the climax which, well, feels like an introduction to a place we’ll make welcome visits to again. You can also, unlike other places in the Star Wars Galaxy, actually visit this one in person. But will you escape with your life intact? Marv Gadgie

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