Sous Escorte – S/T 7\” (Une Vie Pour Rien)

The current wave of red hot French oi! bands is sending waves well beyond the borders of la hexagone. Alongside Canada\’s Ultra Razzia, you now have young Genevan band Sous Escorte banging out some hard as nails French-inspired bootboy sounds. What today\’s bands have in common is that they are keen to pay their respects to the old sounds of Komintern Sect, R.A.S., Camera Silens and the rest, whilst picking up influences from each other as they go along. Sous Escorte combine a lo-fi sound inspired by the classics, with hints of Rixe. Maraboots or Gonna Get Yours blended into the mix. Sous Escorte deliver three songs of Genevan pride and whilst their sound doesn\’t deviate from the norm, they stay hard and true to the style. For fans of the genre this is well recommended. Tom Chapman


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