V/A – Fuck The Tributes, Here\’s Our Noize: A Tribute To Oxymoron (Contra)

Looking back, the early-mid 90s were a fabulous time for international oi!/ streetpunk bands. After the lean years of the late 80s you had a whole new breed of upstarts kicking the backsides of the old brigade – bands such as Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Cobra, Sideburns, Gundog, Voice Of A Generation and plenty more sat comfortably alongside the reinvigorated statesmen The Business, giving the style a new lease of life. Pretty much on top of the pile were Germany\’s Oxymoron. Their flame burned bright and strong for a good few years as they toured all over the world and released a string of top class records before finally calling it a day. I was lucky enough to roadie for them on one trip when they travelled to London for a gig with Mad Sin and Bobby Steele\’s The Undead, followed up the next day with a packed-out set at Holidays In The Sun in Morecambe many years ago, happy days! This tribute features some the best of the current generation of streetpunk outfits, banging out rock solid versions of some Oxy classics. The likes of Arch Rivals, Lions Law, Anger Flares, Hard Evidence and Bonecrusher add their own stamp to the tunes and make this a nice varied compilation and not just for the old fans either. Highlight has to be the appearance of Bad Co. Project, who feature none other than Sucker – former Oxymoron vocalist – on the microphone. It\’s a pleasure to revisit these punk anthems and the bands on here have definitely done the Oxys proud. Tom Chapman

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