Some Kind of Nightmare – Transplant Pulse (Asteroid M)

It\’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of San Diego punk band Some Kind of Nightmare. From their first show to the most recent (a couple of months before the massive expansion of COVID-19) they\’ve consistently brought high energy rock and roll to the masses. And they\’ll carry on doing what they do after we all emerge from isolation.

Molly Mess, her husband Chy Mess, and a rotating cast of drummers keep old school punk alive with album after album of kick ass songs and a tour that has lasted for years. This adds up to one amazing musical experience! Transplant Pulse includes nine tracks, every one blisteringly raw and poignant. My favorite tune is 2388, a song about Molly\’s deceased father, not just one of the best songs on this album but one of their best to date. It\’s catchy and the vocal melody is just fucking exquisite. It\’s hard to put into words just what makes this song so fantastic.

Of course, there are no bad songs on the album. They\’re all fun, high-paced, and full of punk rock attitude. There\’s just no way to go wrong when it comes to SKoN, whether on a recording or in a live setting. If you consider yourself a punk rock fan you need to check out Transplant Pulse! Jim Dodge

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