Various Artists – Slugcult Rising: A Ritual Tribute to Cancerslug (DIY)

Hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, sleaze rock band Cancerslug has made a definite impact in the musical underground. The visceral, uncompromising sound doesn\’t lend itself to the trendy mainstream rock fan. Rather it appeals to those who love their music to be ugly and primal. CS fans tend to be deeply into the band and casual listeners don\’t seem to exist. It\’s one of those love them or hate them things. Since I love them, I was glad to purchase the fan made album Slugcult Rising: A Ritual Tribute to Cancerslug.

The album starts with a raw version of Demighoul and ends with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Betrayed. There\’s a terrific balance of fairly straight-forward covers and reimagined versions of eighteen of the \’Cult\’s favorite CS tracks. After more than a dozen times through these songs I still love each and every one of them, as much as for the love of the band that shines through them as for the different ideas and influences that comprise the different offerings. I haven\’t been this excited about a tribute album since We\’re a Happy Family: A Tribute to The Ramones. Whether you\’re a current or a future Cancerslug fan, you really need to check this one out. Jim Dodge

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