Smiler – The Last Demo (Self)

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Ah, Smiler. They came, they saw, they played fast hardcore, caused mayhem and havoc at more drunken shows than the webbed fingered residents of hidden local villages can count on both hands, had a jolly fine time and after eight liver bashing, sensibility offending years, finally called it quits before any of them fell victim to spontaneous alcohol induced combustion.  But before they disappeared to their respective corners of the South Wales scene, they left us with their final, will and Hardcore testament. The Last Demo is a blink and you’ll miss it, anger fuelled, energy driven, flip the middle finger at old ladies in supermarkets before stealing their mobility scooters, take the stabilisers off your bike before plunging downhill without any brakes, fast approaching middle age but still ready to rumble, full throttle six track HC belter that proves that they had a lot more gas left in their collective tank and departed the scene before their time*. Rest in peace you filthy animals, you’ll be missed… Tim Cundle

*Did I mention that it was free? I didn’t? Oh dear. Well, it is. So go get it…

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