THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD Sets Their Sights On Europe

It is my deepest desire that folk and metal fans in the Netherlands and Germany can teach us a thing or two about drinking beer…\” – Captain Wolfbeard O\’Brady

Heavy mahogany marauders THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD affirm their next phase of worldwide domination in support of their Lawful Evil album, with plans of raiding Europe later this year.

In March 2016, Southern California-based squadron THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD released their fourth full-length, Lawful Evil, a rampant collection of violent shanties, delivered in the band\’s singular brew of all-acoustic pirate metal. Amidst critical acclaim for the album\’s creative explosiveness, the band issued several official videos for the album, and toured several times throughout the year, including a massive tour last year which saw them assaulting townsfolk at a wide array of clubs and Renaissance Faires across the North American map.

Continuing to plunder on behalf of Lawful EvilTHE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD has set their sights on European shores, and declares their reckless pillaging of several countries in the months ahead. The Lawful Evil European Tour 2017 will see the armada crossing the Atlantic with two weeks of live engagements on their battle plan. The voyage sees the band invading the Netherlands, Germany, and possibly Switzerland and beyond, beginning in Eindhoven on November 24th and ending in Munnekezijl December 10th, with a couple of venues/cities still being eyed for invasion. The band has pulled double-duty on December 8th, confirming a TV show performance for Noardewyn Live in Holland ahead of the evening\’s set.

Declares THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD Captain Wolfbeard O\’Brady, \”We\’ve finally done it! After years of excuses and adventures all over our own continent, we\’ve finally sacked and plundered enough towns to take our acoustic assault across the Atlantic Ocean and play on European soil! It is my deepest desire that folk and metal fans in the Netherlands and Germany can teach us a thing or two about drinking beer, and that we find a new group of nautical warriors to take with us on our path of destruction and occasional instrument repair. Heavy Mahogany is coming, and we plan to show these foreign shores the true meaning of Lawful Evil!\”

Lawful Evil is available direct from the band on CD HERE and digital HERE,as well through as most digital providers.

THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD Lawful Evil European Tour 2017:

11/24/2017 Effenaar – Eindhoven, NL

11/25/2017 T Beest – Goes, NL

11/26/2017 Bolwerk – Sneek, NL

11/30/2017 TBA – DE/CH

12/01/2017 Freakshow – Essen, DE

12/02/2017 Das Greif – Lünen. DE

12/03/2017 Stellwerk – Hamburg, DE

12/05/2017 TBA – NL/DE

12/06/2017 De Engel – Den Helder, NL

12/07/2017 Melkweg – Amsterdam. NL

12/08/2017 Noardewyn Live – Holland, NL *TV show performance

12/08/2017 Scum – Katwijk. NL

12/09/2017 De Meester – Almere, NL

12/10/2017 De Sluys – Munnekezijl, NL

Photo by Flip Cassidy

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