Siren Craft Brew unveils innovative Nitro twist on flagship stout…

Independent, Berkshire based brewery, Siren Craft Brew, today announced the launch of a limited-edition take on its signature breakfast stout, Broken Dream. The brewing wizards at Siren Craft Brew have delved into the world of Nitro beers in their usual style, experimenting and exploring flavours and textures. Using a liquid nitrate, this enhanced adaptation of the OG stout takes the original smooth and silky textures to a new level, with higher levels of wheat and espresso – it’s the king of all stouts.

Utilising advanced Nitro technology – a technique that inserts liquid nitrogen into the beer before the packaging process – and in turn giving the beverage a smooth and creamy texture, creates an effect that can’t be achieved through regular carbonation. The outcome, dubbed Hard Pour Broken Dream, is the result of exploring textures and experimenting with flavours – a trait of which Siren Craft Brew is widely acclaimed. This enhanced version takes the OG breakfast stout to a whole new level, escorting your taste buds on a smooth sailing journey to coffee and chocolate heaven.

This nitrogen quickly turns to gas to replace some of the carbon dioxide, resulting in a silky-smooth texture. In terms of Hard Pour Broken Dream, the brewing wizards at Siren Craft Brew boosted the wheat proportion, increasing the levels of protein, thus improving head retention – a crucial aspect of nitro pours. This enhanced thick and creamy head entraps the natural aromas of the beer making every sip extraordinary. Hard Pour Broken Dream also uses more coffee than before, in fact an additional 50% of espresso was added to accentuate the flavours of the original. Once packaged up, the cans are left to sit for seven days, giving the nitrogen time to work its magic.

Hard Pour Broken Dream is £3.80 per 440ml can or £42.00 for a 12 can box

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