Sheer Terror – Pall in the Family 7”EP (Reaper Records)

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When I think about New York, I don’t picture the family friendly television dream of idyllic afternoons in Central Park, gleaming skyscrapers, hipster coffee shops and self-indulgent ridiculously expensive Manhattan restaurants. That’s not the New York that I know, and it certainly isn’t the New York that makes my heart skip a beat every time I think about it. The New York I think about, the one that burned its way into my memory is all beer soaked bars, family run pizza places and packed sweaty shows in small clubs that have seen way better days.

The New York I know is loud, obnoxious and on warm days reeks of a combination of melting asphalt and over boiled hotdogs. In my head, New York will forever be the home of The Warriors, intimidating, claustrophobic, full of illicit pleasures and more than a little dangerous; and when I think about New York Hardcore, the only band that epitomises the scene that came from the city I fell for is Sheer Terror. To me, Sheer Terror are synonymous with New York and its Hardcore scene, and I can’t imagine one without the other.  And now they’re ready to belly up to the bar for another round with Pall in the Family.


If you thought Sheer Terror were angry before, then buckle up buttercup because you’re in for the fury filled ride of a lifetime with Pall in the Family. This seven inch is dissatisfaction with the world writ large. Comprised of a quartet of acerbic tales of lost love, heartbreak and malcontentment that teeter on the edge of righteous madness, indignation, vehemence and ferocity and are as just fast, hard hitting and instantly memorable musically as they are relatable lyrically, Pall in the Family is proof that some Hardcore bands, just like the finest wines that none of us will ever be able to afford, keep getting better with age. From the opening slave of Bohacks, Wetsons, Tung-Bo & Me through to the fading moments of The Moon is Gone, Pall in the Family is the sound of  a band luxuriating in their dark creative juices that shows every scene whippersnapper and Johnny Come Lately a thing or twenty about Hardcore and how it should be done. Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses to Sheer Terror, it’s family time… Tim Cundle

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