Shattered Sun – Hope Within Hatred

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Shattered Sun – Hope Within Hatred (Victory)
This debut by Texas based Shattered Sun is an amazing display of musical capabilities. Muscular modern metal, with amazing riffs, linked with more classic metalcore hooks, and the vocal duality we know from bands like Killswitch Engage and Trivium. The interesting thing is that whereas usually the screams and growls are just not potent enough, with Shattered Sun it is actually the clean sung parts which are not powerful enough to really make a dent. Two reasons to look past that however, it\’s their first album, so as always there is room for growth, and, more importantly all other parts of this well-­balanced album make it one treat for any follower of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal. I especially like the way the lead guitar seems to sing at times. Martijn Welzen

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