Razor – Open Hostility / Shotgun Justice / Violent Restitution

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Razor – Open Hostility / Shotgun Justice / Violent Restitution (Relapse)
Albums five, six and seven of Canadian thrashers Razor get a well deserved deluxe overhaul. I often wonder if these reissues are meant for the old school metal heads, of which there are still plenty, or if it\’s an attempt to lure in new fans? Razor will have a hard time convincing the latter. I am a fan, let there be no misunderstanding, but I have to admit that 20 or 25 years down the line the furious thrash does not sound that fresh anymore, and the crisp production cannot change that. However when speaking to the old thrash disciples, you just have to get back into the pit as all three albums sound slightly better and have more bonus tracks than is humanly possible. Also praise is needed for a band that has alway refused to walk the path of the mighty (Canadian) dollar. That might have lead to their indefinite hiatus, as all has been quiet since 1997. Martijn Welzen

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