Send More Paramedics – The Final Feast (SMP Records)

How did that old tag-line go? When there’s no room left in Hell, the dead shall walk the Earth? Well, I guess that Hell must have reached capacity, as Mass Movement’s favourite undead Crossover crew, Send More Paramedics have returned to the land of the living for one last mosh happy adventure, The Final Feast. And hot damn, it sounds like their extended hiatus in the morgue supercharged their slamming batteries, as this bad mamajama hits like a twenty ton megaton bomb packed full of Trioxin.

She Lives, Splatterpunk and Hikabusha are bona fide thrashing classics, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the record holds back, it doesn’t and there isn’t a single second in it’s less than thirty minute running time that eases off the gas pedal or gives you a moment to catch your breath. It’s time to lace up your rotten old converse and get ready to dive with the Zombie crew. Who knew that being dead could be this much fun? Tim Cundle

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