Seized Up – Brace Yourself (Pirates Press Records)

What year is it? I mean I could have sworn it was 2020, but Seized Up, in the space of less than thirty minutes have managed to convince me that it’s actually 1983, and that instead of being stuck in some awful backwater in the valleys of South Wales, I’m actually in Southern California, about to hit a half-pipe on a Santa Cruz deck and that anything is possible.  As soon as I put Brace Yourself on, it was like the last thirty shitty years never happened, like the future was still unwritten and that I’m not just some drone stuck in an endlessly repeating cycle on a road that leads to nowhere.

Seized Up feature members of Bl’ast, Good Riddance and The Distillers and sound like the first of those three bands channelling the spirit, energy and soul of Damaged. This is hard-charging, even harder hitting punk rock that was made to fuel a thousand skate sessions and fire-up pits the world over. Brace Yourself is the take no shit, adrenaline fuelled punk rock shot to the side of the head that I needed to remind myself that I’m not just another fucking number, I’m not my job and it’s never too late to be who, and what, you were meant to be. And it will do the same for you. This is what freedom sounds like and it is abso-fucking-lutely glorious… Tim Cundle

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