V/A – Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe (Peterstorfer)

I am an angry, angry man. I always have been and, in all likelihood, always will be and my taste in music reflects this. That said, the harp guitar is so far removed from my wheelhouse that I had to actually look it up on Google to find out exactly what it was. And what it is, is exactly what you’ve probably guessed – a vastly complex instrument that while looking more like a traditional guitar, sounds more akin, when played with style and an intuitive feel for music, to the beguiling melodies that usually emanate from a harp. Right about now, you’re probably asking yourselves “Then why on Earth are you listening to it?”

That’s a good question and it deserves an equally good answer which is… Because my friend Tommy (Loose), who happens to be one of the ten incredibly talented musicians featured on this record, asked me too. Dripping in stunningly creative and achingly beautiful tunes, Secrets of the Harp Guitar… is the sort of record that will instantly calm even the most furious of punk rockers, beckoning them down from their mountains of madness to the plateau of tranquil placidity.

Secrets isn’t the sort of record that I’d usually listen to, but I’ve been humbled by, and am in awe of, the creativity, passion and ability of the musicians who made it happen.  And it’ll restore a little of your faith in the world and whatever magic is left in it. I am an angry man, but thanks to the elusive secrets of the harp guitar, I’m not quite as angry as I was… Tim Cundle

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