Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool – Christopher Hastings, Salva Espin & Matt Yackey (Panini /Marvel)


The name’s Wilson, Wade Wilson. Or is it Jace Burn, suave secret agent and super-spy? After a botched job involving a prized tiny horse, Deadpool finds himself somewhat financially challenged and agrees to take a gig that’ll leave a philanderer in no doubt that his secret has been discovered, uncovered and dealt with permanently.  What starts out as a relatively straight forward, simple assignment soon becomes the job from hell and following a tragic and entirely preventable Deadpool influenced inferno and a case of horrific injury inspired mistaken identity, Wade finds himself in the loving bosom of an intelligence agency who dispatch him to locate a scientific genius who holds the key to changing reality. Only trouble is, Wade or is it Jace, isn’t the only operator and agent of a secret organisation looking for the missing scientist and in a frenzied tale filled with more twists and turns than the waltzer at Coney island, Deadpool finally gets to live out his secret agent fantasy (hey, we’ve all got one) for real and in typical Wade fashion, which is more akin to Derek Flint than James Bond, ends up saving the world.  Again.

Secret island lairs, mysterious super-villains, moustache twirling henchmen, technological doo-hickeys that can end creation in a heartbeat, intrigue, betrayal, treachery, action and incredibly small and cute horses, they’re all present and correct in Christopher Hasting’s tale of the day Deadpool became a secret agent. Speaking of Christopher Hastings, he gets it. He completely and totally gets Wade and understands what makes him tick and imbues every line of dialogue, plot swerve and character with an impeccable sense of well, Deadpoolness and with Espin and Yackey on board, who hit the artistic bullseye time and time again, Secret Agent Deadpool enters the recent top ten of Wade adventures with a bullet. Some men were born for greatness, while others have it thrust upon them, or in Wade’s case have it thrust through them with various pointy edged weapons and sharp projectiles and because of that, and the trio pulling Wade’s strings this time around, Secret Agent Deadpool ends up suffering, in style, from a greatness overdose.  His name’s Wilson, Wade Wilson… Tim Cundle

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