Satan Takes A Holiday – Aliens (Despotz)

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Brothers and sisters, it’s time to strap on your air guitars, turn them up to eleven and testify at the altar of rock’n’roll for the Almighty Son of the Morning, while making sandcastles, wearing a Kiss-Me-Quick hat and subsiding on diet of chips and gravy on his annual vacation in Bognor, has sent his minions out into the world to corrupt the souls of the willing and unwilling alike with loud, catchy, harmony-laden melody soaked anthems. And, being of (relatively) sound mind and having been exposed to the infectious power of Satan Takes A Holiday and their The Sonics meets The Dahmers and The Hives infectious and addictive hook laden gospel Aliens,  I’m ready to sign my soul over to Lucifer. It’s true you know, the devil really does have all the best tunes. Hallelujah, hail Satan…And his holiday! Tim Cundle

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