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‘Kinjiru’ (a Japanese word meaning to forbidden/prohibited) is the moniker given to the latest outing by Demons Of Old Metal producer and frontman, Roger B. A marked departure from his day job, Kinjiru sits comfortably next to the likes of Pitchshifter, Pain and Ministry while still absorbing Roger’s distinct love of eighties thrash.

‘Safeword’ is about a person that is so addicted to BDSM that, even though they know it is killing them, they can’t bring themselves to say the safeword because they want to see how far they can push things.  Pretty dark stuff… 

The 4D’s are Deviance, Desire, Depravity and Debauchery, all of which are covered in the lyrics of the songs.  It is a play on the old saying that you need 4 D’s to succeed; desire, dedication, determination and drive.  I’ve been a metalhead all my life, but I do have a weak spot for catchy chart pop and some trance, so this was an opportunity to see how I could merge the different styles.  Also. we’re living in pretty dark times at the moment, so this EP is intended as a bit of light relief for both myself and the listener! Roger B.

4D is released on Halloween and is available from Amazon, iTunes and all of the other outlets where cool cats get their music from. Hang out in cyberpsace with Kinjiru here 


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