Russian Power/Speed Metallers DISTANT SUN Debut New Track

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Russian power/speed metal act DISTANT SUN have partnered with No Clean Singing for the exclusive stream of \”Kill the Fremen,\” a new track from upcoming debut album Dark Matter. Stream that sucker HERE.

DISTANT SUN will release Dark Matter May 30 on Metalism Records on CD and digital formats. The album is the follow-up to 2012 EP Sunless Citadel (Sublimity Records) and features 10 songs in the finest traditions of melodic European power metal, bolstered with elements of American thrash metal. A deluxe digipack edition that includes several bonus cover songs will be released later in the year.

The band has areleased a lyric video for new track \”Matrix Hacked,\” which can be viewed at this location. Check out the Dark Matter teaser video here.

Though DISTANT SUN\’s main influences are speed and power metal bands like ANNIHILATOR, ICED EARTH, BLIND GUARDIAN and RAGE, listeners will note a James Hetfield (METALLICA) vocal style. No keyboards or drum samples were used during the recording, and the overall sound brings the feel of the heavy \’90s. The drums on Dark Matter were recorded in Kiev, Ukraine, while the remainder was produced in various Moscow studios. The lyrics deal with a variety of topics, including science fiction, space travel, mysticism, fantasy and adventure. The cover art was designed by W. Smerdulak (ARKONA).

The band is planning its very first gigs for the autumn of 2015 in promotion of Dark Matter, after which DISTANT SUN will begin work on a sophomore full-length.

  1. Prophet of the Mean
  2. Kill the Fremen
  3. Dark Matter
  4. Godsdoom
  5. Matrix Hacked
  6. Shattered Empire
  7. Gifts of Journey
  8. Apocalypto
  9. Healer of Souls
  10. Zero to Hero
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