Ruby Falls #1 – Ann Nocenti, Flavia Biondi & Lee Loughridge (Dark Horse Comics)

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Lana lives in Ruby Falls, a town that seems as quiet and boring as any other. Except of course, it’s not. A sweet girl with one foot out the door – the first issue of Ruby Falls introduces us to Lana’s equally frustrated girlfriend Blair, her father the town butcher, her sour bar-owning mother, and her grandmother, tucked away in a nursing home, with Lana being her only regular visitor.

When, during a series of very senior moments, Grandma Clara starts whispering of murder and intrigue she witnessed as a child from under the table of a gambling den, Lana is the only one who takes her seriously enough to start digging. “Missing Girl” newspaper cuttings fly, as does the name Betty, and finally, Lana receives a violent warning to keep her nose out of business that doesn’t concern her…

Ann Nocenti (Green Arrow, Catwoman, Prisoner X), gives us plenty to chew on character-wise, whilst the contrast of Flavia Biondi’s (Generations, Just Enough) delicate and Autumnal art sits in perfect juxtaposition to the cold, hard, facts as they emerge.

And anyway, aside from the joy this comic is to drink in visually – who doesn’t love a small town murder? Sophie Francois

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