Municipal Waste – The Last Rager EP (Nuclear Blast)

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Even though it’s close to a decade and half ago, it only seems like yesterday when Municipal Waste singer Tony, under instruction from Ian Glasper, sent me a copy of Municipal Waste’s first album for review and a little later tried to drag me out on tour with MW when they first hit the UK.  I love Municipal Waste and have since the first moment I heard them and while part of that is tied up with my multiple funny and endearing stories and memories that revolve around, and involve, the band, the thing that I adore most about them is their music. Always has been, always will be.  Municipal Waste were thrashing when it wasn’t cool to thrash, they were crossing over when most of the scene considered Crossover to be dead and a dirty word that should never again be spoken in public and they were doing what they’ve always done for one pure, absolutely altruistic reason. They loved to thrash.

And they still do. The Last Rager is everything that Municipal Waste do best condensed into four blistering, short, sharp, foot to the floor thrash attacks that scream “Hit the pit, its diving time” at you and make you want to do the best of the bad things to yourself and everyone around you.  Municipal Waste haven’t lost an iota of their drive, desire or humour, and pour all of it and more into The Last Rager  making it twelve of the most glorious minutes that you’ll ever spend doing what  they, you and I love to do more than anything else. Secretly thrashing when you think no one is looking. I just hope that the title isn’t portentous and that The Last Rager is a taste of things to come, because Municipal Waste sound just as thrashtastic now as they did when they first became a staple part of my musical diet way back when.  Thrash? Don’t mind if I do… Tim Cundle

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