Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers (Golden Robot Records)

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Reissue of the bands 2007 release featuring bonus live versions of some of the original albums tracks, released in preparation for the bands UK/Ireland tour in September 2018. I’m a huge fan of early Rose Tattoo but lost track of them after 1982’s ‘Scarred For Life’  so it was interesting to check out what is effectively new material for me, despite it being 10 years old for the band. Opening track ‘Black Eyed Bruiser’ is a typical Angry Anderson lyric – full of brag and machismo, musically it’s a lot less bluesy than their earlier work with some similarity to their fellow Antipodeans Airbourne (who were undoubtedly influenced by those early RT albums), a style that continues throughout the remaining 10 tracks. Guitarist Dai Pritchard (guessing there’s a bit of Welsh ancestry going on there) brings in some welcome slide guitar particularly on the swaggering ‘Once In A Lifetime’ and my personal favourite ‘Stand Over Man’, both tracks definitely capturing the spirit of earlier material such as ‘Rock N Roll Outlaw’. ‘Slipping Away’ also goes some way to recapturing the band’s pacey energy and hard rocking vibe. Although not their strongest release, it’s still a decent slice of Aussie Rock N Roll nonetheless. Ian Pickens

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