Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin – We’ve Come Back To Rock’n’Roll (Self)


In a world filled with blazingly fast, heavier than heavy Hardcore and politically charged, furious punk rock, sometimes you just need to step-back, take a breather and lose yourself in music that doesn’t have an agenda, doesn’t want to change the world and has one foot in the past while staring longingly at the horizon. And that boys and girls, is where Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin come in.

More Dead Boys than D-Beat, more Elvis Costello and the Attractions than Euro-Core and owing far more to Richard Hell than Rancid and closer to the Heartbreakers than H20, We’ve Come Back to Rock’n’Roll bridges the gap between the first wave of seventies punk rock upstarts and the rise of the New Wave reprobates who sought to replace them. It’s all snotty, snarled attitude and strutting, infectious tunes and sounds like it’s travelled through time from 1976 to slap us all upside the head and remind us just how good things used to be. The past is a hell of a lot more fun than I remember it being… Tim Cundle

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  1. Success to me is when the listener feels what I intended in my songs, and you express those sentiments exactly. Thank you, Tim, that makes me happy.

    Being able to record an album after not doing anything in music since 1983 has been an incredible experience. Likewise, that so many of my friends and friends of friends would join me.

    That includes Marshall Keith, who played in one of the first bands I saw in a club. That was the Slickee Boys in 1979. Seeing how much fun they had on stage made me want to form a band (and at the time I’d yet to play an instrument).

    This was also around the time I first heard the first Generation X album.

    That Marshall and Bob ‘Derwood’ Andrews would each play lead guitar on one of my songs is incredible. I’m glad that they and many of my favorite musicians (and friends) joined me.

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