Restraining Order – S/T 7” (New Age Records)

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Right, listen very carefully. I need you, especially all of you old timers to sit down and remain perfectly calm, because what I’m about to tell you might, through nervous expectation, make a vein pop in your head or cause your heart to explode with sheer, unadulterated excitement.  Breathe slowly, breathe deeply. Inhale, hold it, exhale, repeat and relax.

Are you ready? Good. Then I’ll begin. Imagine that somewhere out there in,oh I dunno, let’s say America, there was a band that sound exactly like a furious, energy driven fusion of Jerry’s Kids, Negative Approach, Slapshot and No For An Answer , aa band who play every song with a rabid, unabashed intensity that feels  almost as though each note they smash out is going to be their very last and that each and every one of their songs punches with the power and weight of thirty years of Hardcore history.

It’s a great old wives tale isn’t it? The sort of wistful barstool story that long time scene veterans tell newbies when they’re asked what their dream band would sound like, because let’s face it, that’s exactly the type of band that dreams are made of. Well guess what folks? Some dreams do come true. That’s right, the band that I just described? They really do exist and they’re called Restraining Order and this, their debut EP, is destined to become a bone fide Hardcore classic that’ll be played, and treasured, by generations of scenesters for decades to come. Get in on the ground floor, get this record and you’ll be able to tell the kids that you remember where you were when Restraining Order released their first record. You’ll be able to tell them that you were there, and that boys and girls, that’s priceless.

And this record? It’s incredible. Absolutely incredible. But you already knew that didn’t you? Tim Cundle

Pre-Order Restraining Order here

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