Raw War – Total Raw War (Sentient Ruin)

Pure classic crust – this LP compiles everything that long-gone Victoria BC maniacs Raw War who were active between 2009 and 2013 recorded. Distorted to hell, Raw War’s sound takes the Doom/ Discharge blueprint but adds its own flavour. There’s a big hit of Scandinavian noise but also hints of more classic hardcore like Life’s Blood or The Flex.

At times the vocals have a guttural delivery similar to Extreme Noise Terror – a garbled mash of noises and syllables that chase each other out of the vocalist’s leathered larynx. This takes me back to the days when one of my bands had a rehearsal room in a basement next door to Berlin crusty legend MVD and I was treated to hours of this on end. To be honest, I could listen to this all night – I love the furious noise that is/ was Raw War. Tom Chapman

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