Push! – Dark Dive (We Circle Management / Self)

If anger really is energy, then there’s a damn good chance that Push have solved the global energy crisis. Dark Dive is the sound of focused fury, a raging, turbulent behemoth of crushing riffs and rhythms that adds power to and fuels its guttural, emotionally charged vocal attack. Fusing the groove of Underdog with the punishing heavy ‘core assault of Terror and the sheer, unadulterated force of Integrity, Push are a powerhouse of Hardcore belligerence who have poured their blood, sweat, tears and souls into every note of Dark Dive.  If you miss the pre-millennial glory days of Victory Records, back when they were a Hardcore label, and yearn for the time when Metalcore was vibrant and exciting, then Push are the band that you’ve been searching for and Dark Dive is the record that you need to fill that scene sized hole in your heart.  Dive right in… Tim Cundle

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