Bullseye – Until We Die (Dedication Records)

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Sometimes the only thing that’ll get you up and moving and inspire you to push through, and plough on with, the daily grind is a high energy dose of furious, sing-a-long Hardcore. And sometimes, just sometimes, Fate knows this, feels a twinge of compassion for us poor saps trapped in its web and delivers exactly what you need, when you need it.  Today is one of those of those days, and the band that Fate sent my way, the band who helped me to two step my through the daily grind with a wink and smile and shrug off all of the crap in my path, is Bullseye. Combing the effortless, catchy melodies and tunes of Ignite with the raw power and punch of Rykers, Bullseye are the sort of band that make everything better and Until We Die will help get you through any,  and every, day no matter what life decides to throw at you.  This is Hardcore… Tim Cundle

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