Purple People – Volume 1 Various Artists (Purple Records)

For those looking to spread their wings a little further than just plain heavy rock or early proto-metal, this four-disc box set may be of interest to add a little diversity.

Purple Records was set up by the management of Deep Purple, and was intended to release the various side projects the band members were developing, and the artists they were discovering and respected. It was to be an interesting proposal.

Disc one features the delectable vocal resonance of 1973 star Yvonne Elliman. Soulful undertones and gentle panache characterise these eleven songs with a relaxed, melodic vibe.

Disc two offers an exceedingly psychedelic bag of grooves; subtle guitar, and a real spaced out trip that will take the listener to some sunny California beach. Almost effortlessly the Illinois born guitarist transports you back to the social gathering of 1972. Such a gentle approach, but captivatingly addictive; a fantastic way to unwind.

It is with Disc three, and the inclusion of Carol Hunter’s The Next Voice You Hear that will potentially be the high point for many. Mixing a brew of folk, country, and early rock, commanded by a super powerful and extremely tuneful voice… this is stand out. A robust original.

The artwork for Disc four will certainly throw some people off kilter, and cause riot amongst the PC keyboard rabble-rousers. But look beyond the historical meanings of its content and listen. Described as a song without words, a soundtrack to a motion picture, this open-minded release was created to run alongside the popular BBC TV series that ran from 1972 – 1974. A certain trip down memory lane, and a historical encounter for everyone’s ears. Certainly something different. Expect a hugely old school feel throughout the contents of this offering, but do not expect any hints of Purple type flavourings. This is music to ease the mind, and for anyone looking for something severely retro. Mark Freebase

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