Primal Fear – Rulebreaker (Frontiers)

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This German metal machine never fails to deliver. Primal Fear are without a doubt one of Europe’s top league metal acts – heavy, solid and busting with power, a headbanger’s delight. Standing true to the driving metallic force the band has crafted over the years, album opener ‘Angels Of Mercy’ sets the pace delivering energy and groove, locking in a truly captivating entrance. ‘In Metal We Trust’ encompasses all the band stand for, and with it’s speedy riffing and catchy hooks the ‘fromage’ from the lyrics does not for one moment sound tongue in cheek, instead it solidifies all that you would expect to be in knowledge with. It is, however, during the (almost) eleven-minute opus ‘We Walk Without Fear’ a real ambience and texture arise, with the complex arrangements and prog-rock soundings executed these factors really demonstrate a creative depth within the band, pushing their ingenious boundaries.

‘Rulebreaker’ is a big fingers up to all that follow musical trends, Primal Fear are rooted deeply, and thankfully they are not budging.  Mark Freebase

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