Perkele – Best from The Past 2 x LP/ CD (Spirit Of The Streets)

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Right, it’s a few days before Christmas. I’ve got presents to buy and wrap. I’ve got cards and emails to write. Cats to look after. A Christmas menu to decide on. Beers to drink. And now this Best Of Perkele collection drops through the letterbox – what should I do – wait until January and give this a long, well-planned review, or just stick the disc on the player and get writing? Well life’s too short for procrastination so let’s crack open a beer, get the Göteborg boys blasting out of the speakers and see what comes out…

Clocking in at well over 70 minutes, this is a must for fans of the band, as there is a lot of hard-to-find material on here, sandwiched between crowd favourites and bone fide anthems that have made Perkele the popular band that they are today. Over the years they have picked up ingredients from the various streetpunk sounds – a bit of melodic Vanilla Muffins here, some lofi Templars there, but packed it into their unique style which has always evolved with each release. For me the “golden era” came in the mid-2000s with the album Confront which hit the spot with the mix of aggression and melody. After that I revisited parts of their back-catalogue, most of which was impossible to find. Their crowning glory came in 2010 with the release of Forever which was simply hit after hit. If this collection contained that entire album there would be no complaints from me. I also loved the folk-inspired Längtan which has one side sung in Swedish and the other sung in Finnish.

With this collection of anthems Christmas has definitely come early, so crack open a cold one, whack this on the stereo and let the tunes take over… Tom Chapman

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