Patrons – Momentary Effects of Sunlight

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Patrons – Momentary Effects of Sunlight MCD (Last Shop Records)
This second release from Devon-based band Patrons is emotionally draining. They take the ingredients of bands such as Thrice or Coheed & Cambria, and pile crescendos on top of each other – somehow throughout these four tracks Patrons permanently build on atmosphere and increasing the intensity. The result is confusing – it\’s like when you see a band whose live set works itself to the ultimate moment – be it a melody or chorus or solo – only these guys put that apex into every song, and not just once. I\’m exhausted after each song, but somehow Patrons control that depletion of your feelings just enough to let you keep listening and enjoying the record. For something like this to be effective it relies on absolute top quality songwriting, performance and production, and I\’m glad to say Patrons have mastered the combination of those elements. If anything, I\’d be happy to enjoy a few lighter moments of respite in order to spread out the intensity, and I think if this record was much longer it would become too much, but at just under 20 minutes, this is just the right length. Tom Chapman

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