Past Tense – Jason McNamara/Alberto Massaggia/Paul Little (Dark Horse)

It’s a well-known fact that in the realm of Science Fiction, time travellers rarely have it easy on their  time bending adventures. In HG Wells’ classic “The Time Machine” our protagonist dabbles with time and finds himself facing off against Morlocks before he finds his way home, while Marty McFly almost deletes his entire family before escaping back to 1985 in “Back To The Future” and it’s in that esteemed company where “Past Tense” can nestle itself, in this action packed neo noir time travel thriller.

When talking time travel, the questions often revert to, “where would you go if you had the chance?” Past Tense are a company that can give it’s customers the chance to answer that question, offering the opportunity to experience some of history’s most evil and corrupt events. Jimmy Hoffa, DB Cooper, the Black Dahlia, even the Last Supper are all accessible via the company’s camera drones, but when Ashley, a tour guide at Past Tense discovers the sickening crimes of Silas Green, she begins hosting tours to some of Green’s most notorious work. But Silas Green is still alive and with his newfound notoriety, Green looks to finish off his life’s work with one final scalp and Ashley finds herself in the firing line.

Writer Jason McNamara has crafted a classic slab of pulp in “Past Tense” to keep fans of noir crime thrillers and science fiction alike happy. It doesn’t hold back on the brutality either, with illustrator Alberto Massaggia adding the required amount of sex and violence when required. If you could imagine James Elroy being handed the Assassins Creed franchise to work his magic on then the result would be somewhere close to what McNamara has put together here. An absolute joy to read….Chris Andrews

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