Parasite – Reverberation (Boss Tuneage)

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Sitting here in t-shirt and shorts listening to Parasite, I feel under-dressed. My amygdala* keeps insisting that I should be wearing a bullet belt, studded wristbands, skin tight leather pants, white basketball boots and a denim jacket covered in Venom and Celtic Frost patches, because despite the protestations of metal heads to the contrary, there is a dress code you need to adopt when listening to bands like Parasite.  You need to be submerge yourself in late eighties metal and Crossover, and while Parasite are almost certainly influenced by GISM to the point where they’ve  adopted their music as a lifestyle, they kinda sound more like Loudness would if they were fronted by Quorthon from Bathory. That said, there are some moments of pure, beautiful, manic crossover craziness like Dystopia and Desenbyou on here, but for the most part Reverbation is the record that Bathory would almost certainly have made if Quorthon had lived, handed in his Viking sword and committed his life to following the path laid down by Andrew WK.  So throw your horns high metal maniacs, it’s punk rocking time… Tim Cundle

*The part of your brain responsible for impulse control and emotional response…

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