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Clearly we are very late to the party here as Paranoize is now on it’s 57th issue, but this is essential reading for anybody that thinks that the NOLA Metal/Hardcore scene begins and ends with Crowbar and Eyehategod. It doesn’t, and Paranoize is here to educate you.

As is usually the case with zines, ‘Paranoize’ is a labour of love for creator Bobby Bergeron, who has focused on the drawing the spotlight to the underbelly of the NOLA scene, it’s bands, it’s venues and it’s record stores. There’s a handy list of bands that you may or may have heard of which believe me, is a happy hunting ground for new heavy music.

The cover stars of Issue #57 are SLAB a grind project formed from members of other NOLA bands and are the first interview subject, followed quickly by crusty-sludge outfit HORSEBITER whose brutal low end will be on my playlist for quite a while. The final interview is with skate punks NIEN, who bemoan the lack of pool skaters and venues that allow smoking. Following that is a series of amusing and very random musings and rants about farting at shows and motorcycle accidents. It’s good stuff. Scene reports are rarely this entertaining and it’s all for free, but if you have a conscience, then chuck ‘Paranoize’ some of your hard earned cash. You wont regret it….Chris Andrews

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