Pain Tank – 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills (Edgewood Arsenal)


Pain Tank specialise in unrelenting, lock and load, ground and pound core that doesn’t let up, doesn’t ease up and goes in for the kill each and every time. Hard, fast and brutal, this is the kind of unforgiving assault that delivers knock-out blow after knock-out blow and only pauses to allow you to catch your breath and pick yourself up so that it can hit you again. And again. And again. Taking their cue from Hellbastard, Brutal Truth and Deviated Instinct, Pain Tank are the musical equivalent of Darwinian principle in its purest form. Only the strongest survive Pain Tank’s musical punishment while the weak fall by the wayside, destroyed by their aural onslaught. And you’re not weak are you? Good. Because here comes the pain… Tim Cundle 

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