Ovaries – Update (Tough Luck)


I have long been a fan of Matt Tybor; ever since I discovered his band The Bunny The Bear in 2013. Since then I have followed his music career, through at least four “Bears” and onto his newest project, Ovaries. With the description of rap/hip-hop…well I didn’t expect to like it. But I did! Damn it Matt, why must you keep putting out such great music?? Update is a deeply meaningful track possibly inspired by the recent break-up with his youngest son’s mother. Mr. Tybor has always put100% of himself into his music and never holds back. This gives his music a genuine, sincere feel that a lot of modern music lacks. If listening to TBTB or, now, Ovaries, fails to strike a nerve deep within you, then you probably aren’t really listening. Update is exactly as described but contains that Matt Tybor essence that is so vital to creating the deeply meaningful songs that he alone can write. It’s also interesting to note that while The Bunny The Bear songs always contain at least two lines of vocals, Update is just Matt, out there in front of anybody who will listen. For the last five years I have been a huge fan of his songs and albums. Ovaries has proven to be no exception. Jim Dodge

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