Our Lives in Music… Waiting for Titor

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Ultra – Depeche Mode

Alex: This record changed the way I listen to music forever, because It puts together all the elements I like in music: rock, electronics and orchestration. Dave Ghan’s voice sounds simply superb: you can feel the struggle and the hardship they have been push through in every word. This is the album which took DM out of the oblivion of self destruction, and it is a masterpiece

The Fragile – Nine Inch Nails

Max: NIN summarize everything we like in music: quiet and intimate parts alternated by pure energy. Constantly pushing the boundaries, NIN sound design and way of blending different genres had a huge impact on the way we make and conceive music

Violator – Depeche Mode

Max: What can I say: this records and the songs contained in it define a whole genre of music. Their songwriting, and production are just superb. I wish we had written every song from it!

Hard Believer – Fink

Mike: Folk, pop, indie, electronics. Fink is able to put together disparate elements without making them sound out of place.Fantastic dynamics take you through epic journeys, from the quietest sound to a wall of sound that embrace you.

Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust – Sigur Ros

Alex: Sigur ros music, and in particular this album has everything I search in music: purity, bliss, spirituality, melancholy, energy and an epic feelings. Every time I listen to this records my mind flies away to another world. It is also related to a very intense moment of my life and to the inception of Waiting for Titor

Goodbye to the Machine – Hurt

Mike: In this album I find the right mix between aggressiveness and melody, where guitars and vocals fight to achieve either a rock or pop song. One of the thing I like the most about it is that I love to listen to whole thing without skipping a single song.

Lullabies to Paralyse – Queens of the Stone Age

Vince: In this record I found the perfect mix between pop melodies and the abrasiveness of a rock sound, which  is what I love and what I try to put also in the music I play.

In Utero – Nirvana

Vince: In utero is a fantastic album, constantly oscillating between an intimate and a mainstream sound and of course, full of raw energy like all Nirvana’s music. A must!

Mezzanine – Massive Attack

Alex: Massive Attack is another band that had a significant impact to the way I listen and make music. The intimate and articulated sound design, the dynamic and cinematic arrangements and the beautiful vocal lines are able to create unique emotional landscapes where my imagination gets lost. Mezzanine is, in my opinion, one of the finest albums ever produced and our rock homage to “Teardrop” is a way to celebrate the influence it had on our music.

The Colours and the Shape – Foo Fighters

Alex: Foo Fighters is another band we love because of their ability to mix very catchy and memorable is melodies with the raw energy that comes from their grunge roots. This record in particular contains two of my favourites songs from them: Everlong and My Hero.

Waiting for Titor is an alternative synth rock band featuring members from Manchester (England) and Faenza (Italy). The band name is inspired by John Titor, a fictional name used by a blogger claiming to be a time traveller from the year 2036. Waiting for Titor is: Alex – Vocals and Synths, Mike – Guitars, Max – Bass and Synths, Vince – Drums

Their debut EP Halo Pt. 1 will be released via DIVA RECORDS on the 2nd of June 2017.


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