Obscura – Akroasis (Relapse)


Technicality and brutality work in perfect conjunction and harmony on ‘Akroasis’. Incredible musical precision blends effortlessly with plentiful helpings of classic Death (band) on this fourth album from the German progressive quartet. If it’s musicianship you’re looking for, then these guys have it and then some. If it’s song structure you crave, believe me, they nail it. If I’s heavy as hell music you really desire then, trust me on this, Obscura deliver it. Where some bands simply get lost in a vortex of self-indulgence, this band actually maximise attention to detail, wrapping it up in fantastic musicianship without creating over lengthy songs. Obscura have crafted something magnificent, and you really, really need to hear ‘Akroasis’…  Mark Freebase


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