Nordic Giants – A Séance Of Dark Delusions


Nordic Giants – A Séance Of Dark Delusions CD (Kscope)
This debut album can only be described as an atmospherically stunning soundscape! Ten tracks of ocean size ambience and cavernous resonance. Nordic Giants take the gentle settings of Pink Floyd along with the intriguing sounds of Bjork and cultivate delicate distant echoes and drifting vocal gentries, a haunting seclusion yet a mesmerising environment. The almost eerie album opener ‘Elysian Dreams’ or the commercial appeal of ‘Rapture’ connect in a fitting combination of grandiose elegance – a trait the entirety of ‘A Séance Of Dark Delusions’ effortlessly seems to conjure up. Progressive guitar paired with enigmatic samples and huge electronic undercurrents prove the bonding of extreme and emotion, exposing a pretty tasty combination. With dabblings of narration strategically placed it’s almost as if the Nordic Giants story is unfolding… and creating a captivating sensation along the way. A soundtrack for the happy or the unfortunately depressed, brilliantly fitting. Mark Freebase

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