Noi!se – Price We Pay 7” (Pirates Press Records)

American oi! band Noi!se has always been a band with a message, and on the first of this brace of new releases, they are proud to wear their conscience on their sleeve. Kicking off hard and sharp with the new 7” Price We Pay, the first thing that strikes you is the packaging. A pile of bloodstained, used banknotes, caught behind bars to tie in with the theme of the song.

Slip the disc onto the turntable and you’re immediately in familiar territory, as Noi!se crank out another high-octane tune. You have their trademark twin-vocal delivery, some sweet little Cock Sparrer style guitar licks and a killer chorus. In the middle section there’s a short breakdown and a sample that emphasizes the topic of the failure of the American justice and prison system.  Tom Chapman

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