No Use For A Name – Rarities Volume 1: The Covers LP/ CD (Fat Wreck)

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Long-time Fat Wreck (not to mention Slap A Ham!) stalwarts No Use For A Name are long overdue some career retrospective action so here to kickstart the action Fat have put together a collection of cover songs that NUFAN have recorded at some point or other. On the whole I do prefer a band\’s original material over cover songs, but this is a fun selection of tunes that overall probably acts as a good summary of the influences that helped them put together and hone their sound. You have the fast hardcore of Dag Nasty, melodic punk/ hardcore of Social Distortion, D.I. and Misfits, punk/ post-punk from the likes of The Vapors or Depeche Mode, American-made rock of Kiss and Cheap Trick and some other fun stuff – pop songs, TV themes and that kind of thing. Put all those elements together and you have a blueprint of the NUFAN sound, so this is pretty much acts as the \”references\” section of their story. Although its been covered a million and one times, their version of \”Hybrid Moments\” is the best Misfits cover I\’ve probably heard. All in all an album that stands for good times, and I\’m sure Tony Sly will be looking down on earth with a smile on his face. Tom Chapman

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