No One Left To Fight #4 – Aubrey Sitterson, Fico Ossio & Raciel Avila (Dark Horse Comics)

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The journey continues, and so does the drama.

Timor, Vale, Krysta and the ever-adorable Pod are still on the move. Leaving Mistress Harga and a pissed off Winda behind, the crew find themselves in the ARBOREAL SANCTUM of their long lost friends, Quon and Kaya, whilst back at home, Fargie does his best to entertain the kids, in a scene that ends with the most delicious of comparative panels.

But who ARE Quon and Kaya? Reminiscent of a Final Fantasy Nigel Thornberry, the latter meets their arrival with more than a little trepidation and an inexhaustible and extensive vocabulary. The former meanwhile, welcomes them in, taking Vale off for a mystic pep talk, and generally keeping the peace.

But even amongst old friends, camouflaged by clouds, the peace doesn’t last long – The Hierophant is back, and this time he’s brought a f(r)iend – BRUTON.

With only one issue left in the series (boooooo), there are nothing but questions. Can Vale protect the crew from Bruton or will he give in to the The Hierophant’s insidious demands? Will Timor ever stop complaining? And at any point will a plush toy of Pod be made available? Sophie Francois

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