Everything #2 – Christopher Cantwell & I.N.J. Culbard (Dark Horse Comics)


If the all singing, all dancing Everything superstore in issue one left us with a mere drop of the sinister fun to come, the second instalment takes our head, dunks it in the toilet, and flushes.

This time around we’re introduced to murderous merchandise, an in-store funeral, there’s inklings Shirley is under the control of a hypnotic cerebral overlord, and Lori’s story takes on a dark Bodysnatchers edge, seeing God in an MRI scan, becoming hypnotised by a garden fence, and pulling something very long and very worm-like straight out of her nose.

The store catalogue pages tucked away between the issue chapters only serve to create an even slimier feeling of unease, inviting us to arm ourselves, or purchase everything we need to light a fire. It’s like the 80s version of targeted social media ads for the cast of The Thing, and it all builds towards the perfect creepy cliffhanger… Sophie Francois

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