No One Left To Fight #2 – Aubrey Sitterson & Fico Ossio (Dark Horse Comics)

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Back with issue number two, and not a moment too soon, my (and everyone else’s) new favourite intergalactic superhero soap opera, No One Left To Fight, has arrived. This issue sees Vale, Krysta, and an increasingly disgruntled Timor leave the kids at home to get moving on their odyssey.  As if tension wasn’t high enough between the two male warriors, the whole village turns out to see Vale off, clamouring to place their hands on the world’s saviour like a Super Saiyan Jesus.

A mysterious, and excellently gruesome, stalker is teased, before they arrive at Mistress Harga’s home. Signposted as an orphanage, it becomes apparent that Mistress Harga is far from the timid pensioner she appears to be, but the woman who trained them both in their particular brand of kaleidoscopic super powers exposed in the first issue. As well as Harga, we also get introduced to Winda, who has clearly been harbouring a pretty cute crush on Vale; one that he has no apparent inkling of.

That’s the thing about NOLTF, as well as every panel being packed to absolute bursting point with psychedelic colour and very physical interaction, we also get finely nuanced character development. Winda’s uncomfortable affection for an oblivious Vale, Harga’s deep disappointment in Timor and the way it’s affected him, seemingly his whole life. These characters are made hateable, likeable, and loveable all using the simplest of cues. It’s a ten minute read where you can barely believe you finish up with so much information. And that’s all well and good – but guys, I’m gonna need to see what you got in the baddie selection now… Sophie Francois

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