No Fun At All – Grit (Bird Attack)

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You know that old saying about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks? It’s true and you know how I know that it is?  Because the long-time Kings of Swedish melodicore* No Fun at All have just served up an album that sticks rigidly to the sound that they helped to pioneer and make their own in the mid-nineties, and boy oh boy is it good.  While a lot of folks will probably view Grit as a comeback record, I prefer of it as their first album following an extended recording hiatus, and whatever it is that they were doing in their downtime, it’s done them the world of good, as Grit is right up there with their finest moment, Out of Bounds. Fast, catchy, infectious and topped off with a raw, almost savage production, Grit proves that NFAA can still hang with the biggest of the big punk rock dogs, and in most cases kick the ever living excrement out of them while stomping all over ninety nine point nine percent of their peers and competition. There’s still a whole lot of life left in these old dogs and it’s a pleasure to see them firmly back on track and whooping a whole of punk rock arse with Grit… Tim Cundle

*Copyright Ian Glasper, circa 1990 something or other

Grit will be released on April 13th and you can pre-order it here

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