No Class – Painted In A Corner LP (Contra)

Do you remember when you were kids and sometimes you\’d wait until mum and dad were out and you\’d raid their drinks cabinet, mixing a slug of gin, whisky, cognac and whatever else that was festering in a dusty bottle in the cupboard. Give it a shake and take a slurp, and it tasted fucking disgusting! Even though you spat most of it out your mouth would be on fire and you were left shaking your head wondering what it was about booze that grown ups found so good?! Well – imagine that same lethal cocktail except that this time it tasted amazing! Somehow all that fire and brimstone brew came together in the glass and slipped down your throat leaving you dazed and happy. Well No Class is that very same concoction – a blend of tastes and flavours that on paper might sound like a bit of a mess, but it just comes together perfectly. They\’ve taken a garage sound and well, recorded it in a garage. A lo-fi beast that shakes together proto-glam, the best of Dr. Feelgood or Eddie &The Hot Rods pub rock, early Chiswick/ Raw records punk rock, the snot and attitude of the Cockney Rejects and the slide guitar and rock\’n\’roll sound of Rose Tattoo. It then drags you across the floor of a dirty pub picking up blood, spit and sawdust on the way as the drink starts to take effect leaving your head spinning. There you have it – No Class have come up with a dirty style that could have gone horribly wrong but they have captured the exact right blend of ingredients and come up with a ripper of an album. Tom Chapman

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