Nightmen – Can’t Avoid Success (Lovely)


I have no idea what is going on in Sweden at the moment, but whatever it is that’s happening, I think the rest of the world could do with a dose of it; as the big secret thing that they’re not sharing with the rest of us is creating and cranking out some incredible bands. And Nightmen are the latest bunch of musical miscreants to join the charge with their sugary sweet, highly infectious and contagious blend of the Ramones meets the Runaways proto-punk powered garage rock. Can’t Avoid Success is a hey-ho, all go and no slow, turbo charged power pop sing-a-long with the windows down, and your foot pressed through the floor and a little bit more, bone-fide, die hard rock’n’roll record that all of the cool cats and happening folks are going to be tuning into. So make sure you beat them to the punch and discover the Nightmen before the hipsters do and get down and dirty with Can’t Avoid Success. Do it. Do it now.  Tim Cundle

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